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Volume 86

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Hi, I’m Craig Kendall, the author of The Asperger’s Syndrome Survival Guide. In today’s issue we will discuss…

Inspirational and Wonderful Song “My Different Son” Shows the Uniqueness of an Asperger’s Child

Our children with Asperger’s syndrome and autism are unique in their own loving way. For children being “different” can be painful and lead to ridicule and bullying…especially at certain ages during adolescence.

Susan Werner sings My Different Son about a child with autism
Folk singer, Susan Werner, composed “My Different Son” a song about a child with autism

Folk singer Susan Werner captures the wonderful uniqueness of our Asperger’s syndrome children in her song, “My Different Son”.

Susan, who has a nephew with high-functioning autism, was inspired to write this song when she observed how her nephew marched to the tune of a different drummer. 

While Susan’s nephew has autism, this son is an inspiration for any parent whose child is unique.

I have spoken with Susan and her manager. She contacted me and offered to give this song away for free to anyone who wants it.

Inspired by her nephew she wanted to give comfort and hope to parents who may need a little boost now and then to remind them how special their children with autism are.

Click the play button to listen to this inspiring song. And if you would like to download it for free:
Using Internet Explorer right click on the download link then click “Save target as…”
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Download “My Different Son” [MP3 file]

And please visit Susan Werner’s web site where you can hear her other music

“My Different Son”
by Susan Werner

Listen to Amanda Inverness shares how Craig's book helped her son with Aspergers Syndrome

My little boy plays all alone,
Lives in a world that’s all his own

My different son, my different son
He is not the same as everyone, he is my different son.

My little boy doesn’t quite fit in
Schools and rules were never made for him.

My different son, my different son
Won’t have anybody making fun of my different son.

My different son already knows by now
He is always going to be a different boy somehow.

But there is so much passion, so much pride
So much possibility inside.

My different son, my different son
I want to set him free and watch him run.

For my different son, I am doing all I can
One day my different son is going to be a man.

Want him to build a life he can be proud of
Find his purpose find some love.

My different son, my different son
Cause he’s just the same as everyone.

He’s not the same as everyone
He is my…my son…my different son.

20 Responses to Wonderful Song “My Different Son” About an Asperger’s Child – 86

  1. Diana Kosa says:

    Thank you for this very moving song! I also have a different son who is 23 and a different daughter who’s 4 1/2.Thank you for reminding me how they are precious gifts from God and not broken!

  2. Kelly says:

    I have an asperger’s child. This song
    says it all.

  3. Kelly says:

    I love the song. It is true about
    what the world is to an asperger’s child.

  4. chattsunico says:

    The song is good and is an affurmation of our unconditional love for the children that the Creator has entrusted to us .A true symbol of love. I congratulate you for this work of real love.

  5. Vicki says:

    If only the world could see my son, like I do? It would be an amazing world. Unfortunately, he got targeted by a not very nice woman, and is being manipulated into thinking her bad thoughts are his own? This song reminds me how special he is and I still hold out hope that a nice person will someday be in his life. Thank you

  6. Clara Casey says:

    Wow! What a beautiful song. I also have a different grandson.

  7. Alissa says:

    I love this song!!! It says everything I want to say to everyone we meet!! I wish all the schools would be able to listen to this song, and realize that these children have so much to give to the world!!

    Thanks Again for this song!!

  8. Paula says:

    WOW! I too have a “different son”, 26 yrs. old now, that has become a wonderful, Navy sailor. His childhood was very hard but he has figured out how to use his “differenceness” to his advantage and has become a success.

  9. Jody says:

    I too have 3 different sons. But, I was the lucky one, I got to pick out my different sons as I have adopted mine. This song is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Lisa Brown says:

    Absolutely beautiful song… Inspires me to keep advocating for my “different” son…

  11. Sonja says:

    I have two of these wonderful “different sons”! They’re wonderful, just different, nothing wrong with them, so people, if anyone is offering to “fix” yours, tell them, they’re not broken and there’s nothing wrong with our children, they’re just DIFFERENT. Try running Vista if you don’t know it or Windows, for that matter. LEARN THE PROGRAM and see they’re different, do not need FIXING!!! LOVE TO ALL THE FRIENDS

  12. Trena Vick says:

    I have a different grandson who hugs me and tells me he loves me every morning before school. He holds his head high at school and ignores the ridicule. He loves everyone and sees only good in all. What a wonderful world it would be if we could all have that attitude.

    • Eddy Poston says:

      I greatly and deeply admire this boy’s love, affection, his hugs of his grandmother, and his fortitude in the face of ridicule. At age 55–I was diagnosed with Asperger’s two years ago, in 2010, at age 53, for the very first time in my life–I wish I could be like this boy, now, in my adult life–his being brave and his ignoring ridicule, and that I could have had the help of other boys, as well as others, in doing so, when I was a child, adolescent, teenage, and young adult growing up. Please, please respond back, if you can.

  13. okumu rose says:

    wow! what an inspirational song indeed I personally embrace it.

  14. Marina says:

    I am recently diagnosed Asperger’s at 57

  15. Pauline Bailey Crawley says:

    My different son is now 42yrs old. Autisum was not heard of back in 1969 and we didn’t know what was wrong or how to handle it. Now he has two lovely children, a son 10 yrs. old, and a daughter 7 yrs old, both Autistic and Type 1 Diabetic. This song is beautiful and applies to either a son or daughter.

  16. Lorraine Gilmour says:

    An Amazing song! Well done Susan
    I too have a “different son” and am so proud of the way he faces life head on every day!!

  17. susan young says:

    I think that is a beautiful song, lovely to listen to as well

  18. Marie says:

    Beautiful..made me realise how proud i am of my “different daughter” Thank-you

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