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1. What is Asperger’s syndrome? (I1) OLD

2a. Does Your Child Have Asperger’s Syndrome / High Functioning Autism? (I2)

2. Is Aspergers an illness or just a different kind of personality?  OLD

Is Aspergers an illness or just a different kind of personality?-2

3. Can you “catch” Aspergers and is there a cure?

3A. Australian TV Show (I3) OLD

4. What are the signs of Aspergers?

4A. Irish TV Show (I4) OLD

4B. A video on Albert Einstein and Asperger’s (I5) OLD

5. How can I stop meltdowns when routines change? (I6)

6. How do I help my child understand subtle speech patterns like sarcasm?

7. What steps should I take to see if I or my loved one has Aspergers?*

8. Why does it often take years to diagnose Asperger’s Syndrome?

9. How can I get a diagnosis of Aspergers for an Adult? (I7) OLD

10 How can I be certain that that my loved one has Aspergers and not some other condition? (I8) OLD

11. What are the most effective ways to treat Aspergers? (I9) OLD

12. How can I help my loved one who has overly sensitive hearing?

13. What treatments help with sensitivity to touch or having problems with the feeling of clothing?

14. How can I help my Aspergers loved one understanding jokes, kidding, hidden messages, anything that is not extremely literal and explicit?

15. My Aspergers loved one has terrible social skills. What should I do?

16. My Aspergers teenager is depressed because he is not making friends. What treatments can help?

17. Employees with Asperger’s syndrome who work in IT (information technology)

18. A Poem About an Aspergers Teen

19. Asperger’s Syndrome and Facial Expressions (I10) OLD

20. Asperger’s Syndrome and Girls (I11) OLD

21. Having Asperger’s Syndrome – A Teenager’s View

22. An Aspergers Adult Who Was Diagnosed at Age 24 and His Struggles to Learn Social Skills

23. Schools not supporting your AS child’s education

24. Should I tell my loved one that they have AS?

25. How to get an Aspie with multiple issues diagnosed?*

26. How to Help Someone Who Refuses Help

27. Asperger’s Syndrome and Nutritional Therapy

28. Surviving Adolescence with Aspergers

29. Middle School and High School: Navigating a Changing Environment

30. Establishing an Educational Plan

31. How can I help my teenager succeed socially in middle and high school?

32. Advice for Teachers of AS Students

33. How Should an AS Student be Graded?

34. Dating, Puberty and Your AS Teen

35. Why Do People With AS Struggle with Anxiety and Depression?

36. Anxiety and School

37. What are some symptoms of anxiety? How do you know your kid has it?

38. How Can I Help Relieve My Teen’s Anxiety?

39. What causes depression in people with Aspergers?

40. Aspergers Support Resources

41. Answers to Common Questions about Adults with AS

42. Behavior Challenges in Aspies

43. What do to about Meltdowns

44. Challenges for a Young Adult with Aspergers

45. What About Adults Who Were Never Diagnosed?

46. Will Your Child Die from Bullying? Aspie Teen Shot to Death

47. If your teenager gets in a car crash, you could be held fully responsible!

48. How do you help an AS person who has anxiety about what will happen in the future?

49. How do you help a person with AS deal with changes in his or her routine?

50. Helping an Aspie with Big Changes in Life

51. PBS Video “An Emotional Life” (I27) OLD

52. Scared at School: Students Talk about Bullying

53. Dan Aykroyd Suffers from Mild Tourettes and Aspergers

54. How Asperger’s changed a family

55. Will your insurance cover ASD?

56. The Importance of the Right Type of Education

57. Strategies For Helping Adolescents With Asperger’s Adjust To Puberty

58. Autistic Surfer Masters Waves but Struggles on Land

59. Making Autism an Asset. A company benefits from its workers’ distinctive talents.

60. Conquer any Feelings of Guilt You May Have

61. What to do about inappropriate sexual behavior?

62. Essential Employment Tips for Asperger’s Adults

63 Picking a Therapist for your Asperger’s loved one

64. Challenges with Personal Hygiene

65. Effective Strategies to Stop Bullying

66. Bullying may be a factor in the suicide of 11 year-old

67. Innovative Educational Approach: Stand Up Desks

68. Asperger’s Syndrome in Adults – Diagnosis and Therapies

69. How to Tell Your Children they have Autism

70. Colleges welcoming students with Asperger’s syndrome

71. 504 Plan Accommodations for Students with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome

72. How does a 504 Plan Differ from an IEP for Students with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome

73. Four Tips for Handling Behavior Problems in Autism

74. Eight Tips for Employment and Job Success for Those with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome (I24) OLD

75. Tips for Helping Children with Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism Overcome Sensitivities (I15)

76. Solving Personal Hygiene Problems in Teenagers with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome (I23)

77. Tips to Solve Anger and Behavior Issues in Children with Autism (I12)

78. Providing for Adult Children with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome After Your Death

79. Autism and School. Work Too Easy or Too Hard? Striking a Balance

80. My Child with Autism Is a Picky Eater. What Can I Do?

81. Floortime – A Useful Therapy for Children with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome

82. Star of Movie “The Titanic” Fights Autism Symptoms with a Hat! (I16)

83. Will a Gluten and Casein Free Diet Help Your Child’s Asperger’s Syndrome? (I13) 

84. How to Teach Your Child to Understand the Feelings of Others (I18)

85. Developing Social Skills at Home and School by Teaching Empathy

86. Asperger’s Child – Song “My Different Son” Celebrates Autism

87. Seven Tips for Selecting a Therapist

88. Helping Adults with Autism / Asperger’s Syndrome Get a Job

89. Travel Tips for Children with Asperger’s Syndrome

90. Asperger’s Syndrome in Adults – Living with Your Adult Child (I14)

91. Asperger’s Syndrome in Children – Teaching about Money

92. Asperger’s Syndrome Treatment – Teaching Organizational Skills

93. Ways to Beat The Summer Blues!

94. Autism in Adults – Three Employment Job Tips

95.Asperger’s Syndrome – Developing Social Skills on the Internet (I26)

96. Asperger’s Communication – 7 Tips for Dealing with Difficult People (I19)

97. Autism Treatment and Adults–Finding Services after Age 18

98.Asperger’s Children and Inflexibility – Tips for Parents (I21)

99. My Child with Autism Is a Picky Eater. What Can I Do?

100. Autism Behavior Solutions – 4 Tips to Solve Hygiene Issues 

101. Autism Behavior – 7 Tips to Help a Move go Smoothly

102. 8 Tips for Teaching your Child How to Shop

103. Can a Diet Change & Probiotics Help Autism Symptoms?

104. Autism in Children – 8 Tips For a Tears-Free Birthday Party

105. Is Your Asperger’s Syndrome Teen Ready to Drive? Part 1 of 2

106. Your Asperger’s Teen: 6 Secrets to Safe Driving – part 2

107. Autism Treatment 101 – Fidget Toys

108. Can a Child with Autism Recover from Being Bullied?

109. Success Tips when Shopping with a Child with Autism

110. Asperger’s Syndrome – 5 Tips to Build Self Confidence

111. Autism Education 101 – Should You Homeschool Your Child with Autism?

112. Autism Symptoms 101 – Tips on How to Read Facial Expressions (I22)

113. Asperger’s Syndrome and Employment OK You Have a Job, Now How do You Keep It?

114. 10 Tips to Help Siblings of Asperger’s Children Succeed – Part 1

114A. Important Lessons to Ensure An Asperger’s Friendly Holiday

115. 10 Tips to Help Siblings of Asperger’s Children Succeed-Part 2

116. Dispelling the Myth of Autism and Violence after Newtown

117. Asperger’s Syndrome in Adults–3 Tips for Life Success-117 (I17)

118.  Asperger’s Syndrome in Adults – More Tips Regarding Adults with Asperger’s Syndrome (I20)

Can a Gluten-Free, Casein-Free Diet Help with Autism Spectrum Disorder?

119. Tips for Teens with Asperger’s – How to Stay True to Yourself

120. Autism Social Skills and Conversations – A How to Guide (I25)

121. Social Skills Topics – How to Teach Non -Verbal Cues

122. Autism Social Skills and Bullying – How to Gain Friends

123. Asperger’s and Social Skills – Observing Your World

124. Asperger’s and Social Skills – What to do When at a Friend’s House

125. Transitions and Asperger’s – How to Deal with Change

126. Asperger’s and Social Skills – How to Express Sympathy for Others

127. Asperger’s Syndrome – Tips for Finding Friends on the Internet

128. Autism and Bullying – How to Overcome It

129. Asperger’s Syndrome – How to Reframe that Frustrating Situation

130. Asperger’s Syndrome – Tips for Active Listening

131. Asperger’s Syndrome in Children – Tips for Dealing with Crowded Spaces

132. Asperger’s Syndrome – Tips to Adapt to Social Settings

133. Asperger’s Diagnosis – Myths about Keeping the Diagnosis a Secret

The Terrifying Reality of Long-Term Unemployment

Autism Jobs – Avoid these Common Mistakes (jobs course nuture e-mail 1)

Adults with Asperger’s – 6 Tips for Moving

Autism Awareness – Tips to Practice Short Conversations



Can Fish Oil Solve Autism Symptoms?

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