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The Benefits of the Outdoors for Autism Behavior


The Healing Powers of the Outdoors on Autism Behavior keyword autism behavior Just  the simple act of taking a walk can have profound effects on autism behavior. Did you know that? We often take the great outdoors for granted, but actually it has a number of benefits for those with autism and without.

The simple act of being outdoors can decrease anxiety, reduce stress, promote healing and increase cognitive functioning. There are many reasons why. 1. Being outdoors provides many great opportunities for sensory integration. Many kids who exhibit autism behavior have trouble with sensory integration. Much money is poured into sensory integration therapy rooms and occupational therapy sessions, and while these are certainly useful, so is an hour running around the beach, hiking a mountain or playing in the park. Take the ocean for example. Being at the ocean stimulates all your senses. The feel of the sand under your feet, the smell of the ocean air, the beautiful views, the sight, movement and sound oof the waves or birds – it helps to regulate the sensory system. Or a hike in the woods – the sight of the beautiful trees, the snap of twigs under your feet, the smell of the forest, and the sound of birds – it calms the soul.

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