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Hi, I’m Craig Kendall, the author of The Asperger’s Syndrome Survival Guide. In today’s issue we will discuss…

Star of Movie “The Titanic” Promotes Miraculous New Treatment for Autism

Kate Winslet, Oscar-winning actress and the star of the movie “The Titanic” desperately wants to spread the word about an innovative therapy that had miraculous results for a boy with autism. 

Kate Winslet befriended a family with an autistic son, who was non-verbal but miraculously began to communicate after a new therapy was tried. “I had this feeling of, ‘I need to do something else’ to spread the word and help others,” said Winslet.

Spreading the Word about an Autism Therapy

She and other Hollywood celebrieies are spreading the word about this autism treatment which overcomes the autism symptom of “non-berbal communication”.  It is fascinating how Kinslet is spreading the word. Although she is not an expert on autism and she does not have a child with autism herself, she realizes the need to spread autism information.

Watch this video of a boy with autism, learn about this young boy’s battle with autism communication, his autism symptoms, and this unique autism treatment.

And for more information on treatments for autism, high functioning autism and Asperger’s syndrome, see my books, The Asperger’s Syndrome Survival Guide, The Asperger’s Syndrome Guide to Teens and Young Adults, and Thriving in Adulthood with Asperger’s Syndrome.

4 Responses to Hollywood Stars Promote Miraculous New Autism Therapy-82

  1. Pamela Rutherford says:

    It’s always great to see an inspiring story like this one. My prayers go out to all with severely autistic children. My son has Aspergers and is quite high functioning but I’m always looking for new therapies that may make sense for him.

  2. idongesit umanah says:

    So grateful to read read about this.

    -A mother of 2 sons with autism, from Nigeria.

  3. Maria Wargovich says:

    Kate Winslet has always been my favorite actor, and now seeing her brought into the world of autism so passionately made me cry. I was beginning to think that only those of us who love someone with autism were the only ones who really care. Thank you, Kate Winslet, for feeling what we feel, too!

  4. Kim Ximowske says:

    Thank you Kate and GMA for having this on your show. I am a mother of 2 sons with Autism and know the challenges and how important it is to be creative and consistant with my sons to see them open up and be the person they are meant to be. I am moved to tears for your compassion for our need. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart

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