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My son is 12 and a half. Before the book, he would have anger and aggression issues. He would go into his own world and block everyone completely out. He would not listen. He would stare completely right through you as if you were not even there. He would freak out and basically have like a temper tantrum. It was a severe temper tantrum like you were dealing with a two year old–like a terrible twos.

You can't go to restaurants. You can't go to the grocery store. You can't go to the movies. You are afraid to go to family functions. You're actually afraid to go anywhere. You get constant phone calls from the school because he is labeled as a "problem child." That has been my son all of his life.

After the book he no longer has any meltdowns. I immediately started implementing things and the way that I handled things and I started focusing on all of the positives in his life. The Asperger's Syndrome Survival Guide helped establish the understanding of what my son goes through–how he sees the world–because I had absolutely no clue. Then around family he is fine because now the family understands because I have explained the situation with them.

The greatest thing that I got out of The Asperger's Syndrome Survival Guide would be his [Craig Kendall's] detailed solutions on how to cope with Asperger's, the way he puts it into laymen's terms and understanding how my son sees the world by giving examples. And I think it helped that he has a child with Asperger's as well. And the information on support groups.

Amanda T., Inverness, Florida

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