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“New Hope for Autism” makes it Big Time!
Fox 5 News –Check it out.

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Fox 5 News hosts a segment on Tuesdays with a panel of doctors and this week they answered a question on autism therapies. One of the doctors, Dr. Melinda Silva, MD, had read my latest book, “New Hope for Autism – 15 Successful Strategies Moms Don’t Know” and highly recommended the book.

Watch the video below to see the excellent advice that this panel of doctors gave about autism therapies.

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3 Responses to Fox5

  1. I have suffered from childhood to adulthood with Asperger’s Syndrome. The Job Centre have said that I am fit for work and that I should be actively looking for work, as in 7 jobs a week. I couldn’t possibly cope with this as I have trouble concentrating on anything and dealing people in general. I wander off into my own world and I have a temper caused by frustration which has led me to lose several jobs in the past.

    • Marianne Bernaldo says:


      I would start of by actively looking for 1-2 jobs per week instead of 7 as the Job Centre suggests as this will help with you feeling frustrated. Also, as far as controlling your frustration, think about what causes those frustrations and learn to anticipate those during any job. All jobs will become frustrating at some point. It is important to figure out some calming strategies to incorporate during a work day such as listening to music during lunch breaks. If there are other environmental triggers, you may want to consider telling your employer about your diagnosis. There are pros and cons to doing this but if it will help to establish some proactive measures, then it is worth considering.

  2. Mary Addams says:

    Thank you Craig, for all your help over the years. My son, age 23 with Asperger’s is doing SO WELL since he went on the gluten free, dairy free diet.

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