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I must tell you this story…it is that important.

My wife and I noticed, right away, how much better our son Alex behaved when he was taking fish oil.

Many may think that herbal remedies or supplements are not really effective. But, over the years, so many parents kept emailing me about all types of supplements that have helped their children. And the category that benefited kids with autism the most often was fish oil and vitamins.

But back to my story on fish oil.

I have mentioned many times that my son showed tremendous progress in behavior and improvement in communication issues when he is taking fish oil.

My wife has insisted that our kids take fish oil every day–without fail–for over a dozen years now.

But I have been cautious about strongly promoting fish oil because I did not have any scientific proof that fish oil really does help most kids on the autism spectrum…until now!

Scientific Study Shows Kids Benefit from Fish oil/Vitamin E

Recently I was informed of a double-blind, independent scientific study that shows it is not just my son who has benefited from fish oil…97% of the families in the study reported dramatic improvements in…

I have put together this special newsletter to tell you all about this important finding, “Fish Oil and Vitamin E – Magic Pill for Autism Symptom Relief?”  But the secret is the COMBINATION of fish oil PLUS Vitamin E–don’t ask me why–just read the article, it is all explained there.

I got so lucky!

Well I am a lucky guy because I met the president of Nutrafoods in San Diego, CA. He is an expert on supplements and fish oil in particular…and boy did I get an education.  

Platinum Duo Fish oil/Vitamin E combination
Platinum Duo Package

Fish oil is not all the same. It depends on where the fish are from, the temperature of the water, how the fish are processed…and so forth…and so on. Wow there was a lot to learn. Luckily I did not have to learn it all.

Nutrafoods has packed exactly the right type of fish oil and Vitamin E in exactly the proportions specified in the scientific study. I buy for my family the Platinum Duo Package which is liquid fish oil that tastes great plus Vitamin E in exactly the right proportions that the science says those on the spectrum need.


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Yes, I want to save money and improve my loved one’s health.


We take it every day.

It is tough figuring out how to protect your family and provide them with the best supplements and therapies. Luckily in this one case, it has been done for you.

I really wanted to help.

I talked to Dr. Howe who is the president of Nutrafoods. I explained to him that a lot of people are hurting right now because of the economy but they need these products.

Could the president of Nutrafoods help?

YES! For a short time, anyone who orders products from will receive an Additional 20% off of all orders! Sorry…this only applies to those in the United States.

Yes Craig, I want to save money and help my family now!

This is exactly what my family and I take every day.  It helps us. I hope it helps all of you too.

Talk to you soon.


PS This offer expires at the end of August

PSS Try it. Seriously, it has helped me and my son.

PSSS Don’t forget, the savings will not last. Don’t delay

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