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Hi, I’m Craig Kendall, the author of The Asperger’s Syndrome Survival Guide. In today’s issue we will discuss…

Autism / Asperger’s Syndrome and Girls

BBC Radio – Girls with autism and Asperger’s

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Listen to BBC Radio - Girls with autism and Asperger's

It is much less common for a girl to be diagnosed with autism or Asperger’s syndrome than boys. Why does a gender discrepancy exist?

Autism is thought to affect four times as many boys as girls but research done at the Great Ormond Street Hospital’s Institute of Child Health found that girls with a normal to higher verbal IQ showed different symptoms and fewer of the signs traditionally associated with autism, such as rigid behavior.

The following is an interesting radio show from the BBC discussing autism/Asperger’s as it relates to girls. The discussion includes Dr. Judith Gould a consultant clinical psychologist from the National Autistic Society and Dr. Rebecca Chilvers a psychologist who worked in the Child Health clinic at Great Ormond Street Hospital in the U.K. We also hear from Nicky Clark a parent with two daughters, one with autism and one with Asperger’s syndrome.

And for additional strategies and therapies that can help your loved ones on the autism spectrum, see New Hope for Autism – 15 Successful Strategies Moms Don’t Know.

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