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Hi, I’m Craig Kendall, the author of The Asperger’s Syndrome Survival Guide. In today’s issue we will discuss…

 Autism / Asperger’s Syndrome and Facial Expressions

Here is an interesting video from a person with Asperger’s syndrome discussing the challenges that Asperger’s folks have reading the facial expressions of others (whom he refers to as “NTs” or neurotypicals). The video also discusses the challenges from the point of view of non-Asperger’s people trying to read the facial expressions of Asperger’s folks.

In the video, he refers to Asperger’s syndrome people as “AS” and non-Asperger’s syndrome people as “NTs”.

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This is just a small part of the answers you will need to successfully survive and thrive with Asperger’s.  In future newsletters we will be discussing:

And much more…

In the mean time, you can gain all of this and more in The Asperger’s Syndrome Survival Guide and the Asperger’s Syndrome Guide for Teens and Young Adults. And for the adult on the autism spectrum, we have a special book, Thriving in Adulthood with Asperger’s Syndrome.

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