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Volume 18

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A Poem About an Aspergers Teen

Hi, I'm Craig Kendall, the author of The Asperger's Syndrome Survival Guide. In today's newsletter I thought I would share with you a poem that a mother sent to me. She wrote thanking me for these newsletters.



Thank you Craig,

I will give you my honest feedback. I wanted to know more about Aspergers because it is only now that I realise my daughter who did medicine and is now in general practice has this syndrome, and of course had it as a child. Not much at all was known about Aspergers then, she is now 44 years of age!.

I can see from all my reading and knowing my own daughter that she has this syndrome, has no friends, was much more difficult than her sister as a child, has routines, loves animals, works in a cat home on a Sunday morning. She was a very bright, excellent student, had about 2 friends, also very studious, but no longer has contact or very little. I also know now that her father had this syndrome.

This is a poem a boy in her class wrote in her final year at school (they were 17years).



"Litwinner"  by B  E  C

No-one knows where her thoughts lie,
The Quiet Achiever - beautiful, shy.
Courageously toiling, she strives for her goal,
Tenacious Commitment - body and soul.
The work is hard and often long
Her silent labour - steady, strong.
Hers a world of strong devotion,
Modest Brilliance - inspired notions.
The effort she makes is by gentle determination,
Thrashing through her work
Without Procrastination.
Now the time has come when all
rewards are due
to (name) - talented, true.

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